Nicole Flynn Photography

Professional Photographer

Welcome to my Nicole Flynn Photography home page. I had this website developed so I could tell people a bit about myself and my life. When people stop by my photography booth they want to know things that I have done or they want to see more of my images. If you are interested in purchasing some of my work please fill out the contact me page and let me know what you would like. If you have ideas of images you would like me to capture let me know that too. And, if you are a person with Down syndrome or have a family member who has Down syndrome, let me know that too. I love to hear from people and I love knowing where my work has travelled. I know I have images in South Africa, Kenya, Ireland, England, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany.

To tell you a bit about myself I will start with our move from Toronto to the Hamlet of Crookston. We have 8 acres and are trying to grow a vegetable garden, do maple syrup and honey. My dad bought an old Fergusson tractor that we are planning to refurbish as a family project. We have lots of birds and butterflies and frogs and toads and snakes too. I love it here because I am free!

Living in the country means that I can go out anytime and take pictures. I walk along the trails every day to see what is happening in nature. It is very different from the city where everything always seems the same.