Meet Nicole Flynn – One Person, Many Talents!

Hi, my name is Nicole Flynn. When I was a baby my parents learned that I had Down syndrome. The doctors told them I would struggle all of my life to learn and remember things. I have an extra twenty-first chromosome in every cell in my body. This affects the way my brain files and retrieves information. My parents were told that I would not be able to speak so that other people could understand me. I was not expected to learn to read or write. The doctors were very discouraging.

When I was six weeks old I had an ultrasound of my heart. It showed that I had three holes in my heart. My liver and kidneys stopped working properly. Without heart surgery I would have died. The holes in my heart were stitched, patched and ligated when I was six months old. Everything went well and my heart doesn’t leak, so I am very lucky.

I was homeschooled with my two brothers and my mother as our teacher. We experimented with baking and different types of science. We travelled and explored museums and forts and the natural world. I am a visual learner and I was able to watch everything that was going by me.

Right now the most important things are my education and my health. In 2016, I earned my Ontario Secondary School Graduation Diploma after finishing grade 12 college English as my 30th credit. I was accepted to Loyalist College in the Community and Justice Services Program. I am taking things slowly, just two subjects at a time because my program is not modified. I am taking courses and doing the work like everyone else in my class. I am interested in politics so I am trying to learn to be a strong advocate for people who have a developmental disability.

I have done many things in my life and still have more things that I want to do. I have learned to set goals for myself. I love the feeling of meeting my goals. I believe the more I achieve the more I succeed.

I have overcome all of the hurdles the doctors said I would never do. It hasn’t always been easy. I do not give up I keep on trying. I do not see myself as disabled everyone has a difference and that’s what makes us special!

The Advocate

Nicole Flynn is an advocate for many causes, and an experienced public speaker and motivator. Click the above photo to learn more about Nicole in her role as an Advocate.

The Artist

Nicole Flynn is talented and an accomplished, photographer, actor, writer and visual artist.
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The Athlete

Nicole Flynn is an athlete and Gold Medalist.
Truly inspiring…
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