Nicole The Advocate

I Am Not Invisible by Nicole Flynn

People talk to me as if I am a child…
I am an adult,
Look in my eyes and talk to me as an adult.

People talk to me as if my feelings don’t matter
I feel things,
I hurt inside when things happen.

People won’t even let me try
I want the chance to try,
I might make mistakes; I will keep trying.

People do not see me; they treat me like I am invisible
I am here,
I want people to look at me.

People tell me what to do all of the time
I can make decisions,
I am able to think for myself.

People treat me like a non-person
I am a human being,
I am not a mistake.

“Hire Nicole as your next motivational speaker and wow your audience with the power of one who does not give up.”

As an advocate I share my insights and thoughts with the audience by telling my personal story and helping them understand that people who have a difference should be treated equal to everyone else. I have Down syndrome and there are other speakers like Robert Hampson and Spenser West from the We Foundation, who are also different. So what, we are different! We have to show our true light. We have to be ourselves. We have to show society that we are here. We are supposed to be included.

I have spoken at many organizations over the past 16 years, such as the physical education classes at the U of T and OISE, and the Therapeutic Recreation and Early Childhood Education programs at various colleges like Centennial, Humber and Seneca. I was also a speaker at the All Powerful Girls conference one year. I have been the keynote speaker at events like the Ontario Down syndrome Dreams conference and the World Down syndrome Day as well as the Buddy Walk. I have spoken at Community Living Annual General Meetings and to the Hastings and Prince Edward District School Boards.

I enjoy telling my story. I love the fact that I am making people realize that people who have Down syndrome can do things when we are given the chance to try.

If you are interested in hiring Nicole as a speaker please complete the Contact Nicole page and she will get in touch with you.

Here is a compilation video of some of Nicole’s speeches that she has given as an Advocate for people with Down Syndrome.