Nicole The Artist

Nature is important to me.  Nature photography is a hobby of mine.

Through my pictures I remind people of the wildlife we have around us and that it is our responsibility to protect their habitat.  I am afraid that one day the only place we will see wildlife is in pictures. Maybe that will be the only place we see people who have Down syndrome too.

The arts are important to me because I express my emotions through my art.  When I am on the stage I want to draw the audience into my character; I want them to experience my journey.  I feel free when I dance; I want to hear my own heart.  It is a time when I am not concentrating on anyone else’s emotions but my own.  I love to watch my fingers flow on the piano finding the right keys and to match my voice in the right tone.

I believe:
If there is no drama
There is no life
If there is no life
There is no drama.

Nicole the Artist - Daren and Nicole

Flynnsters Pictures is the name of my photography business.  I sell my photography products at the Centre Hastings Vendors Market and at fairs and art shows.  I began taking pictures with the family point and shoot camera when I was doing my Duke of Edinburgh Young Peoples Challenge.  I was out hiking and canoeing and I used my pictures along with my journal to document my adventuresome journey.  My mom and brother were with me and when they saw my pictures they asked me what trail I had been on because they had not seen what I had.  When I did my gold award I used the camera again and that’s when I realized I love to take pictures of nature.  I see things in nature that I want to show other people and I want to share my knowledge with them.  I took environmental science and biology in school to gain more insight and to expand my learning about the environment and the effect people are having on nature.

Nicole The Artist - I'll Fly Away

In the fall of 2015 I was involved with the premiere production of I’ll Fly Away at the Marble Arts Theatre in Actinolite.  That was the first time I ever worked with professional actors.

The character Data from Star Trek always fascinated me and in ‘Solstice Anyone’? With the Marble Arts Players I played the part of Android Yolo in ‘Spaceship Derp’. I loved doing that role because I got to act like Data.

In future I hope to do more drama productions and musicals but I am also interested in the work that goes on behind the scene.

At present I am dancing with the senior class at the Madoc School of Dance Arts, which I enjoy. It is very hard work but I am dedicated to my dance.  It is similar to synchro except it is on the floor!